T.O. Paine


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They had her life planned, but when a mysterious girl goes missing, the search just might end her life.

“A thriller with heart,
 The Teaching
 is a sophisticated novel that will keep you guessing until the last dramatic moment.”

– Indies Today


Based on the author’s true-life experience living in a cult . . .

Raine Harkins believes everything the Teaching tells her—forgiveness is freedom, there are no dead, and there is no dying. She has lived her entire life in the Haven, a small religious community buried in the hills of northern Nevada, and it’s been a good life.

But when she discovers a frightened teenage girl hiding in the forest, everything changes. Raine offers to help the girl, but gunshots ring out, and the girl runs away, never to be seen again. A week later, Raine finds a letter pinned to her cabin door—God doesn’t want you here. Leave the Haven now, before he runs you down.

Raine can’t bear the thought of leaving the only life she’s ever known, but the threatening letters keep coming, and her search for the missing girl leads her down a twisted path, unraveling the truth behind the Teaching. It’s not a good life—there are dead, and people do die.

“A gripping suspense novel set on the remote compound of a bizarre religious community.”Kirkus Reviews

“Paine barely gives us time to breathe as he unravels the clues and exposes the villain . . . or villians.”   ★★★★★ – Readers’ Favorite.

“Debut author T.O. Paine did exactly what authors are supposed to do: he wrote about what he knows. Since he has lived in a cult, he was able to create a community that is believable and is populated by inhabitants that are so realistic that I had to wonder if they were based on people he had known in his past.”  Amie’s Book Reviews

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“A thriller with heart, The Teaching is a sophisticated novel that will keep you guessing until the last dramatic moment.”Indies Today

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